AstroSchool Cohort Spring 2020


Linda! So cool to see you on here too! Excited for this new opportunity!


Awesome picture, Patrick! Glad to have you here!


Linda! AirCamp 2019 represent! lol Thank you for recommending this PD!


Hey! My name is Leslie Austin, and I am from Collierville, Tennessee. It’s a suburb of Memphis.
I have been teaching for 9 years. This is my 5th year teaching 7th and 8th grade STEM in Germantown, Tennessee. Teaching is my second career. After I finished college the first time, I was a paralegal with plans to go to law school. It never felt like the right plan for my life. After visiting my sister’s first grade classroom, I knew I needed to be a teacher.
I love space, and I am so excited about this PD! I graduated from Space Academy for Educators (Space Camp) in June 2016. That was one of the best experiences of my life! I love learning experiences that help me become a better STEM teacher for my students. I try to keep my classes fun, engaging, and challenging for all.

When I am not working, I love to travel and explore new places. I also love spending time with my family, friends, and four rescue dogs.
Twitter and Instagram: @SheTeachesSTEM


Hi everyone,
My name is Elena Arteaga-Diaz-Diaz. My background is in Chemistry and I have a Masters in Science Education. I teach Chemistry and Anatomy/Physiology at Our Lady of Lourdes Academy in Miami, Florida. I am passionate about spending time with family/friends and teaching future generations of students. I truly enjoy my profession and feel great satisfaction when I see my students enjoying and understanding difficult concepts. I do have a Facebook and Instagram account.


Melissa, So sad when a satellite mission doesn’t make it past launch. You haven’t missed anything on social media except maybe a few cat pictures.


Hey, Y’all!!
I’m Jean Provine and I teach 7th grade STEM at Houston Middle School in Germantown, TN. Glad to see some fellow Tennesseans in this group!! Both my Bachelor’s and my Master’s are in Elementary Education. I taught 5th grade in DeSoto County, MS for 6 years before moving to Tennessee. I taught 8th grade science for 20 years at Houston and transitioned to 7th grade STEM. In addition to STEM, I’ve had several classes of Social Studies or Science depending on the year. This year is ALL STEM, which I LOVE!! I am passionate about helping students feel successful in STEM and love seeing them create things they didn’t think they could do! My Twitter is @ProvineJean and I’m Jean Perkins Provine on Facebook. This pic is from my trip to Chicago for ISTE.


Hi Jean! Picture with ‘the bean’ sculpture, one of my favs.


Patrick, great to see you too! Awesome pic - almost as good as the solar system suit!!


Congrats on the Teacher Liaison program! I hope to participate someday, but was just too busy with other things this year to apply. I hear it is fantastic!


Hi Bessa! So excited that I will now have TWO friends from Bayonne! You might know another of my wonderful space friends, Dana, who also teaches in your district. She is wonderful, so I have to assume you are, too!! Nice to meet you :smile:


Great to have you, Elena! We’re excited to work with you and the rest of the group at your school!


We’ve had a few teachers from previous cohorts also graduate from Space Camp. Sounds like an amazing time!


Hi Linda, I saw you at the beginning. This is exciting!!!



Hello, my name is Helene Nameth. I generally teach Chemistry at Our Lady of Lourdes Academy in Miami, Florida. I have two sections of Environmental Science this year as well. I have my degree (MS) in Biomedical Sciences and I have been teaching in middle school and now high school for 30 years.

[It has been Decades since I graduated from Space Camp (SOPE at UAH class of 1990 and its two partner programs, CASO and International Space in USSR and later in Russia. - Congrats to All the more recent graduates]


Thanks for the intro, Helene! Great to have you here!


Hello Everyone

My name is Donald Perry and teach at a Central Florida middle school. I have been a teacher for 17 years after retiring from the military. I have taught a variety of subjects and currently teach technology to include robotics, aeronautics, and engineering principles.

I used to have a lot more passions or hobbies, but life happens. I used to skydive and scuba dive, but now stick mostly to motorcycles and tinkering. I am really a geek at heart and love to repair and build things.

My students think I am crazy constantly taking classes and wanting to learn new things. I tell them, you never stop learning….


Love your enthusiasm to continue learning!


Megan, sounds like you have a passion for aerospace. Used to skydive, have my license, and it is a absolute blast…wish I could still jump. It gives you a different look of the world. Used to live in Newport News before military retirement. Looking to hear more and work with you.


Loved to scuba dive, it is so peaceful and serene. Used to cave dive, loved it, but stopped…there is no room for error and you have to keep your skill sharp. If there’s trouble, you can’t to a vertical ascent…Look forward to collaborating with you:dolphin: