AstroSchool Cohort Spring 2020

Welcome to AstroSchool Spring 2020! We are thrilled to have you as part of the cohort. Take a minute and introduce yourself:

  1. What is your name where are you located?
  2. What is your background?
  3. What, where, and who do you teach?
  4. What are you passionate about?
  5. Do you have social media account(s) that you would like to share so others from the cohort may connect with you (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook)? * optional
  6. Upload a picture of yourself. * optional

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  1. Kevin Cocco - Salt Lake City, Utah
  2. Computer Scientist, HW/SW Development
  3. Teach Physical Computing workshops & PD (like AstroSchool) around the world. Science, Engineering, Computer Science Teachers (sometimes students) Elementary to Higher Ed.
  4. Gardening/Edible landscaping, backcountry snowboarding, hiking, solar, making
  5. twitter @KCocco
  6. Me on the right. Left: Astronaut Dr. John-David Bartoe member of ASE (our AstroSchool Sponsor)

What is your name where are you located? Jan Barber-Doyle, Bell Gardens south east of Los Angeles
What is your background? Production Technology and General Science Teacher
What, where, and who do you teach? Coordinated Science and Environmental Sci & Engrg @ Bell Gardens High School
What are you passionate about? Puzzles, troubleshooting and learning new things.
Do you have social media account(s) that you would like to share so others from the cohort may connect with you (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook)? * optional
Upload a picture of yourself. * optional


Hi there! Welcome to AstroSchool Spring 2020! So excited to work with you all!
My name is Sunny Washington and I’m the CEO at Because Learning. I’ve worked in education technology for nearly 20 years now and I love working with teachers and learning about best practices of integrating STEM into the classroom!
In my free time, I keep busy with my 2 girls, husband, and 2 misbehaving dogs, who are all so great supporting me and the work that I do.
You can find me on Twitter @sunnywash


Michele Vocu - Fort Myers, FL
I studied biology and geography in college before returning to get my Masters in secondary education.
I teach science at Bishop Verot Catholic HS, also in Fort Myers. Currently I teach physics and biology which means I spend my days with juniors and freshmen.
I enjoy reading, paddle boarding, spending time outside, and being with my family and friends.
I have no social media accounts. Weird huh?

  1. Clark Barnett
  2. Teacher for nearly 20 years
  3. 4th grade, all subjects, Thousand Oaks, CA
  4. Teaching, Learning, Backpacking, Family, Friends (Not in that order).
  5. @clarkbar1978, feel free to look me up in Facebook and LinkedIn


My name is Megan Tucker and I live in Lovettsville, Virginia
My background started in elementary ed with a STRONG focus on science (Presidential Award Winner for Florida (PAEMST) for elementary science teaching in 2010), I then spread my wings (literally) and went “all-in” for AVIATION and AEROSPACE and was named the National Civil Air Patrol Teacher of the Year in 2011! That led me to a Master’s Degree in Science K-8. Being an Air Force Spouse, I moved to California and was part of the inaugural team that opened the Palmdale Aerospace Academy as the 7th grade STEM teacher. It was there that my AEROSPACE expanded to STEM and the Design Process, but not before I was chosen as NASA Airborne Astronomy Ambassador and flew with SOFIA in 2014. When my husband retired from the Air Force, the job race was on and I found one first as the STEAM Specialist at a BRAND NEW public charter school in Virginia, Hillsboro Charter Academy. It was the opportunity of a lifetime to design the STEAM curriculum for an entire school where my daughter would attend. I have been at HCA for the past 4 years, since it opened in 2016. I have never lost my passion for AEROSPACE, became a Space Foundation Teacher Liaison in 2018 and was recently named the AIAA Foundation Educator of the Year in 2019!
I teach STEAM, “Flight Fundays”, Gifted Enrichment, Professional Development to Teachers, and am an Instructional Facilitator of Technology. I am also the Dean of Curriculum at our SMALL elementary (K-5) public charter school in Hillsboro, Virginia.
I am passionate about STEAM, especially things that fly! I also LOVE TEACHING hands-on and engaging lessons that involve the Design Process. I love to read and learn about new technologies, especially related to aerospace.
My Facebook page is The Aerial Cricket and I have a Twitter @AerialCricket. I am also the moderator for our school’s Facebook page, which is where I post the most: Hillsboro Charter Academy


What is your name where are you located?William Keil, Herriman Utah
What is your background? B.S. Business & Marketing Education, Endorsed to teach Computer Science.
What, where, and who do you teach?I teach Introductory Programming and Exploring Computer Science, Sunset Ridge Middle School in West Jordan, Utah, I teach 7th, 8th, and 9th graders. After school club "Girl’s Who Code.William%20Keil
What are you passionate about?Getting students excited about Computer Science
Do you have social media account(s) that you would like to share so others from the cohort may connect with you (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook)? * optional
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Hello everyone!
I am Monika Moorman - a fourth grade teacher from South Florida.
I have been an educator of nearly twenty years in grades ranging from first to adult education in both general and gifted settings. I am a proud NBCT in early and middle childhood literacy. I am a STEM and sustainability enthusiast, a robotics coach, a computer science supporter and a meaningful technology use advocate; Newsela Fellow, HP Teaching Fellow, Solar System Ambassador, Better Lesson contributor; I love being outdoors with my family as much as I love staying indoors with a good book.
My Twitter info: @MrsMoorman1


Jealous! I don’t have a picture with an astronaut to share. :frowning:


Hi everyone!

Greg Ryerson here, located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I grew up in smalltown Ontario, but am now officially a city boy.

This is my 10th year teaching. I started my career in the UK where I taught secondary school Science. I then came home and taught Grade 3 Homeroom, Grade 6 Homeroom, Grade 8 Science, Grade 7 Geo, and have now settled into a position teaching Grade 7 Science. (Phew!) On top of teaching I am a certification mentor for the National Geographic Certified Educator course, and am a Teacher Leader with a group called Let’s Talk Science.

I am passionate about Science! But also educationally - I love PBL, experiential ed, design thinking, etc. I am constantly striving to include these ideas more deliberately in my programming. My second passion is theatre, particularly musical theatre. I’m actually going to be performing as Uncle Fester in a production of The Addams Family the Musical in a couple weeks.

You can see more about what I do on Twitter @ryerson_mr

Really looking forward to the course, and working with you all!


@Monica What kind of books do you like to read? I love fantasy! I’m currently barreling my way through Robin Hobb’s Realm of the Elderlings series.

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Nice to meet you, Greg; Anything that sparks my interest! Recent reads: the YA series: the Arc of a Scythe by Shusterman and the Knowledge Gap by Wexler. Maybe I can pick your brains about NGC - I am currently enrolled in the course but find it hard to find the time to work on it.

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Nice to meet you and your family, Sunny!
The link to “other lessons” did not work for me (sent via email) - FYI

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Megan, looking forward to learning with and from you! :slight_smile:

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  1. Hallie Caron - Central Oregon
  2. I have a BA in History and Master of Art in Teaching.
  3. I teach English and Social Studies at Redmond Proficiency Academy HS in Redmond, OR. I predominantly work with 9th and 10th grade students, but I also work with struggling upperclassmen.
  4. I am passionate about personal growth. I have a hard time separating teaching from my personal life.
  5. @RPACaron (work Twitter)
  6. The picture is from a few years ago at my wedding. I have quite a bit less hair now.



Hi Monika,

Great to have you be a part of the cohort! So sorry for the issue with the lessons. Not sure which link isn’t working. Can you send me an email of which link isn’t working? We will get it sorted!



Welcome, Michele! I’m jealous that you don’t have any social media accounts. If I could only go back in time and do the same!

Great to have you be a part of this, Hallie!

Great to have you here @gryerson!