AstroSchool Cohort Spring 2020


Great to have you here, William! I’m just east of you over in Draper!


What an amazing picture! Awesome that you’re a part of the Teacher Liaisons group. I love them!


Excited to have you a part of this @ArdusatExplorer-9133!


So excited to see another Elementary School teacher! I look forward to connecting and brainstorming with you!


My name is Rebecca Yockey and I am located in Draper, Utah.
Teaching is my second career. I started out as a caseworker.
I teach fourth grade, general education all subjects.
I am an oil painter, write children’s books, have children with autism and love education.
I am on Facebook and should probably get on Twitter and Instagram too.


I love fantasy as well! I actually write books, have one that is in the works for publishing in about a year or so.


Hello Everyone! My name is Dania and I am located in Miami. My background is in Biology. I am currently teaching AP Environmental Science and STEM. I’m excited to have this opportunity to learn new skills that I can bring back to the classroom and share with my students.


What is your name where are you located? Souad Belcaid
What is your background? Science Teacher/ Global Teacher
What, where, and who do you teach? General Science/ STEM
What are you passionate about? Space, Innovative technology, connecting with Global teachers from around the world.
I completed the NASA Space Academy program in 2017. I have been selected to be a member of the Space Foundation International Teacher Liaison program for 2020.
Do you have social media account(s) that you would like to share so others from the cohort may connect with you (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook)? * Facebook:
Upload a picture of yourself. * optional!e175JBuN_400x400


Hi everyone!
I am Cheryl Ivey from New Blaine, Arkansas. I had been teaching for 20 years when my administration asked me to go back and get my Masters in Gifted, Talented, & Creative, so I could be our Gifted & Talented teacher. I also started that year our first ever STEM lab which I love! For the past 3 years and currently, I teach all of our 375 students (K-4) weekly in STEM/GT at Paris Elementary in Paris, Arkansas. I am passionate about my family (husband of 20 years, daughter-18yrs old, and identical twin sons-12 yrs old). I am also extremely passionate about learning and instilling the love of learning in my students in all areas especially STEM, Robotics, and Computer Science!
I am on Facebook and LinkedIn, although everyone is always telling me I need Instagram and Twitter also.


Hi Megan,
Impressive journey! I have been selected to be a Space Foundation Teacher Liaison for 2020. I am so excited! Are you going to be at the 2020 Symposium? Thanks.


Great to have you here @drovirosa!


So glad you’re a part of this, Cheryl! I now know that there’s a Paris in Arkansas too! :slight_smile:


Great to have another representative from Teacher Liaisons!


Great to have you, Rebecca! Your school is just down the street from us!


Love this picture!! I am also a Civil Air Patrol Educator, but have never been skydiving!


Hello everyone! My name is Andrew Napier and I am located in Crescent City California (way up on the coast, right by the Oregon border).
I have a degree and background in geology and field science and have been a science teacher for two years now.
I teach middle school science at Uncharted Shores Academy.
I am passionate about the outdoors and in teaching I really enjoy designing hands on data driven labs and activities.
I am on Instagram at anapier17391 (although I haven’t posted in more than a year)
Apparently the only photos I have of myself are from fishing, so I suppose that’s what we’ll deal with.


Dear ASE AstroSchool winners,

Congratulations on being chosen for the ASE AstroSchool program! We at the Association of Space Explorers are thrilled you have committed to improving your STEM teaching skills. Your influence and power as a teacher are the foundation for our future generation.

Dr. John-David Bartoe
ASE Officer
Former Space Shuttle astronaut


Hi! My name is Ruth Coats and I am from Clarksville, Tennessee! I’m so excited to get to learn from you all! My most exciting accomplishment is being part of the Teacher Innovator Institute with the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum (Applications are open until Feb. 21! Let me know if you want some info!). That experience has revolutionized my teaching and helped me engage my students in new ways! I teach 5th grade STEM in Tennessee. I am passionate about integrating aerospace science into my teaching as well as introducing my students to new technology tools. I have a Facebook (look up Ruth Coats).


Love the picture @ArdusatExplorer-9158!


Thanks for being a part of this @ArdusatExplorer-9156! Also, nice catch!