AstroSchool Cohort Spring 2020


Andrew, know where you live…grew up in Sacramento area and have relatives up by you. Beautiful, green, and foggy (at times). Look forward collaborating with you…nice fish.


Nice to have a fellow diver and ocean enthusiast in the group! I will admit that cave diving scares me so I have not done it. My son, a fellow diver, definitely wants to try it, but so far I have managed to convince him otherwise (since I am paying the bills :slight_smile:).


Hey there fellow AstroSchoolers!


My name is Carrie and I am an enthusiastic STEM-tech at an elementary school in Irvine, CA. I have been consulting, teaching, leading, and learning about how to integrate technology in our classrooms and offices for more than 20 years (yikes!). I am the Chief Innovator at our school’s Innovation Lab. I work 25 hours a week helping students, staff, and teachers learn about coding, graphic arts, Google Apps, robots, digital storytelling, and so much more. The rest of my work time is spent as a digital marketing consultant where I help clients create marketing strategies.

I am passionate about learning, laughing, and having fun.

The best social media platform for me is LinkedIn You can find me on all other channels under @Cruisebuzz.


Just checked out your Twitter profile and anyone who needs to know a cruise expert, Carrie is your gal! Glad to have you here!


Hi everyone!

My name is Panagiotis (Pete) Koutsouris from Chicago Illinois.
My background is in archaeology with some Geographic Information Systems, and I’m currently working towards a PhD.
I am the STEAM teacher at GEMS World Academy, Chicago for Preschool-5th grade. I always enjoy the challenge and excitement with the little ones.
I’m really into airplanes, space, good food, and traveling.


Great to have you here, Pete! We loved working with Peg as well at GEMS!


Leah Luchsinger: Seaside California, USA

So sorry I am late it has been a busy week. I have a master’s in education with a focus on instruction with technology and thec21st century learner. I have written curriculum for the Silicon Valley Education Foundation and taught classes in high school earth science, ap environmental science, American sign language, physics, computer science and physical science. For the last 2 years I have been working with a coteacher in designing and implementing a cotaught physical STEM class that meets the needs of all incoming freshman in preparing for High School STEM classes. I teach freshman at Seaside High school.

I am passionate about equity in STEM education. You can find me and my class on social media:
Twitter: @SHS_luchsinger (professional)
Instagram: @seaside_piSTEAM (classroom)

This is what has been keeping me busy all week:


Hi Linda! I know Dana. She is one of the best in our department. She is a really good friend. She spoke very highly of you as well. Great to meet you. Hope you get tons out of this program, too.


Thanks for sharing the video, Leah! What a cool program!



Good morning,

My name is Brodes (pronounced with a long “O” and short “E”) Hartley. I retired from the Navy after 28 years of service. I, now teach Navy JROTC in Miami, Florida. This is my 8th year teaching. My students range from grades 9-12. I have incorporated a couple of stem programs into our curriculum. They include: SeaPerch (an underwater robotics program sponsored by the Department of the Navy (DoN), Office of Naval Research Science & Technology) and CyberPatriot a National Youth Cyber Education Program sponsored by the Air Force Association; this includes a national level cyber competition. Recently, I have been working with our Engineering teacher to bring an aerial drone program the school. Last month, we received District approval to start the program this coming Fall. I’m doing what I enjoy doing; and that is developing productive citizens and leaders.

Very respectfully,

B. H. Hartley, III


Great to have you here, Brodes! Sounds like you and @ArdusatExplorer-9297 may have some things in common with your underwater robotics program!


That is awesome! I wonder how you manage the SeaPerch program. Is it an after school thing or a part of the curriculum? We use a combination of MATE and SeaPerch and integrate it into the course.


Hi all! My name is Rachel McDonald and I am an educator at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab, the state of Alabama’s marine research facility.
I have a Master’s degree in Marine Science and am currently an Outreach Educator with a focus on underwater robotics and marine technology that I share with all of our visiting students and teachers. I am the regional coordinator the MATE Northern Gulf Coast ROV Competition and this year also hosted the Alabama SeaPerch Regional.
I am always reading, gardening, doing home improvement projects, and beach combing.
I have a Facebook and Instagram account (Rachel Gamble McDonald).


What a cool job @ardusatexplorer-9342! So glad you’re a part of this!


Hi! Patricia Galbreath, here in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.
I am an educator for Volusia County Schools for over 20 years and have a passion for science and service. I work with the Partners of the Americas organization and my local church.
My job role is a Science-STEM Academic Coach at Holly Hill School, a K-8 school located just north of Daytona Beach with approximately 1200 students. I work with teachers and students in building a strong capacity for science instruction and learning. This includes lesson planning, co-teaching, and working with students in whole group and small group with investigations and experimentation. My goal is to help bring the natural world to the classroom and foster a love and curiousity about how things work.


Great to have you here, Patricia! We’ve worked with a few teachers from your district in the past as well!


beautiful picture! Your family is beautiful!


Aw–thank you! I appreciate it!


Good Morning all sorry I am a little late to the game. I am a PLTW educator in the middle school and high school here in Collinsville. I have spent 26 years working in engineering and chose to leave the professional field and teach high school and middle school in my home town. I am looking forward to working through this program and hope that I take home some great lessons to offer my middle school students.