Chemical Reactions #4221

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I would like to do this with my 9th-10th graders since we are studying chemical reactions.
My first question is why their is no procedure written for the experiment with the dry amounts in grams, and the liquid amounts in ml? these are standard measurements in metric (all science uses metric), can you find out the amounts for me so I can add them to my student lab sheet that I made?
Second Q is your questions about “what is the control? why?” is difficult to answer, there are 2 reactions each one not related to the other, there seems to not be a control (please see examples of “controls” in experiments. Is there a control, what is the suggested student response to this?
Also the next 2 questions, about why same amount of dry goods and same amount of liquids, I’m thinking the author is trying to get the “constants” but since its 2 different experiments this isn’t a valid question is it? Again, what is the suggested student response?
Thank you.
It would be best if the amounts and procedure were written into your document. Also they should be stated in metric and standard (for classrooms without metric measurement units).