Too Much of a Good Thing, Fix Duplicate SDKs

Been working with your Space Kit or DemoSat and we up and changed the SDK on you? No worries, we’ll fix this right up.

You can tell you have two versions of the SDK installed if you get error messages on compiling like: Multiple libraries were found for “ArdusatSDK.h”

Open your sketchbook “libraries” folder with your OS file explorer (win: explorer, mac: finder, linux: nautilus, kfiles…) and delete the folder containing your library. Default on WIndows is Documents -> Arduino -> libraries. Look for ArdusatSDK-master and delete it. It play it safe, delete all of the folders named ArdusatSDK and reinstall the latest versions using these instructions:

  1. Navigate to the Ardusat Github page.
  2. Download the SDK .zip file.
  3. Navigate to the Ardusat Github page.
  4. Download the logging SDK
  5. Open the Arduino IDE software
  6. Import the Ardusat SDK library. Sketch → Include Library → Add .ZIP Library. Navigate to the downloaded SDK file and click “Choose”
  7. Do the same for the logging SDK

Check to make sure you can find the Ardusat SDK sketches by going to File → Sketchbook → Libraries. Look for the menu item “ArdusatSDK”.

Good luck and post a response if we can clarify anything for you.


Something else to consider . . . you can stop using the Arduino IDE software and avoid all of the SDK hassle by using Codebender. You can upload your code directly to the Arduino using the latest and greatest from our code library.

To use Codebender you’ll need to install a small plugin. It shouldn’t be too difficult to get up and going. Here is the Codebender Walkthrough and setup.