Sunglasses Experiment #1139


Yes! School windows is a good idea to test as well!


Another great way to use the sensor!!! I am working on an integrated unit that is solving problems to help us get from Earth --> moon --> Mars. I could see us using this to learn how to develop an investigation and they would need to select the best material to make a visor for the astronaut helmet. We could use the lenses of the sunglasses to investigate.


I just posted mine before reading your response. Great minds think alike! :smile:


What a fun and practical activity! I would pair this activity with my activity measuring light levels in our classroom. How do different materials used as blinds in the classroom affect these readings?

This has tons of practical applications, and includes a straightforward use of the sensors. I don’t think there would be many difficulties for the students. I see this providing a quick win for the boys in terms of sensor set up.

I would love to use this as a springboard activity and challenge the boys to explore further about how they could use and display data.


I agree about the need for specific support when using data to create graphs. My boys need the same support, despite repeated graphic activities!