Raspberry Pi Integration #1958


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Hi Lindsey,

I have the demosat, and I’ve read this experiment:

In the experiment, raspberry Pi is connected to the space board, but on the demosat, space board is connected to “DemoSat On Board Computer v1.3”, the bigger black board, with a bundled white connector.
as I see on experiment 1958 page, the black wire is going ground which is two GPIO pin away from the the rest of the three wires.
so my question is, is there away of connecting raspberry pi to the demosat without breaking it, such as using a usb, or add a connection board or something?



We have not integrated the RasberryPi into the DemoSat before. At this time we only have this guide that shows how to use the Sensor board with the DemoSat.
The wiring for the SpaceBoard / Sensor board’s grove connector is:
Yellow - SCL
White - SDA
Red - PWR
Black - GND

Thank you


Ok. got it. Thanks Kevin.
I’ll figure out what I can do.