Knock Knock Joke with the OLED Display #4707


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I added my own Knock knock jokes. It was fun! Should we be saving the code somewhere or posting it here?


I’d love to see your knock knock code, @JGossert! If you still have it, you can post it here to share with the group. Thanks!


I am having some trouble getting my OLED display. The arduino is performing correctly and it states that the code uploads, but there is no display. Any tips?


Hi @ArdusatExplorer-4758. Sorry for the issues. Have you seen the display work before and now it’s not working?

If yes, a couple troubleshooting things to try. Make sure that the wires and pushed in all the way into the grove connectors and wired correctly. You can also try refreshing your screen and try to re-upload the code.

Let me know if any of those resolve your issue. Thanks!


Hey Sunny, no it has not worked since I received it.


Ok–sounds like you may have a defective display. So sorry about that. I’ll send out another one to you today and will make sure if works first before sending it.




Thank you very much!


I had a GREAT time playing with the knock-knock jokes!!!
This is a really fun and cool experiment.
I just went into the code and changed my jokes, then reloaded it to the arduino.
After I was done adding silly jokes, I reset it to the original jokes.
I have also shared this with my colleagues!!!


Awesome! We’ve found that students love this project!


Hi Sunny,
I’m having the same issue as Explorer 4758 with my OLED screen. The arduino shows the green and red lights and the computer says that the program has been loaded, but I do not get anything on the screen. I tried all of the trouble shooting tricks. When I tried setting up the second kit, I got the joke right away, so it seems like the issue is with the OLED screen, not the programming.


Hi Leslie, sorry for the issues. Just want to make sure that the OLED screen never worked when you plugged it in. Is that correct?


Hello all, I’m in the Astroschool class. I played with the knock knock joke for quite awhile, changed the timing and lines in the joke. I really like how I can’t really “mess” anything up. If something doesn’t work I can always go back to the original code. This will be great for teaching my 4th grade students, as sometimes their frustration level is high, so they can always start over with success!


I tried code on the set up page which tests luminosity and temp, and nothing happened. When I loaded the joke program, nothing happened with that code either.
When I switched kits I was able to do the luminosity and temperature experiment. How do I submit the answers to the questions for that activity?


Hi Leslie, I’ll email you with my information. I’d love to chat on the phone and just make sure I understand which part isn’t working. Thank you!


I love this activity. My kids will love doing this, but since I have somewhat delinquent children, I would have to make sure the jokes are appropriate.

I have issues with the Chrome plug in. We are not allowed to have the plug ins, so I have to use my personal computer.


Very cool activity and a nice “jump in” to basic coding. It is basic enough so that students can see the parts that have to be changed in order to display different outcomes. Having the code and seeing where they need to change it takes away some of the angst that students sometimes incur as they try new things. This way they can try, retry and experiment. As one other participant said, I’d also have to watch what students put in to avoid impropriety, but a nice introductory activity that can be used with multiple class levels. Thanks.


Same issue with display. It worked for the first experiment and it showed up for the joke, but then got wicked hot. I rebooted, etc. and it came back as snow on the bottom, but not a good display and then it just stopped. If you could send a new display, that would be great.

I just retried everything and now I cannot even get it to connect

OK- I used another kit and tested it- the seeeduino seems fine- but neither the sensor nor the display are working.

I played with the code and saw how to add my own jokes. Since I am not familiar with coding I wasn’t quite sure how to end the codes- got errors. Is it just adding a } at the end? I also don’t really know how to go about the 3rd challenge- to bring the sensor in. I know I won’t be able to actually see the display, but it would be nice to know more about what to do.


Tried the Knock Knock code; not sure about the luminosity sensor control; I will research a little more and learn how that sensors works to control the flow of the code.

I had to disconnect the OLED screen in order for the new code to run on my screen, but I got it to work.

NOTE: I have not been submitting comments for each activity in Week 1 to the community. I completed each of the activities and submitted my comments in the entry boxes for each individual activity which I did not see for the Knock Knock activity.

Update: I tried to get the luminosity sensor to control the flow of the program. Unsuccessful. I searched online in the help forum and community but found no resolutions how to code the sensor to control the flow.


I had some trouble getting the OLED screen to display on the getting started activity as well, but it worked great on the Knock Knock joke activity. I love this activity! I teach 4th grade as well and my students learn to do color pattern coding as well as block coding. This will be an easy way to advance. I changed the knock knock jokes that were there and then reset to the original ones. Lots of fun!