Introduce yourself!


Hi fellow explorers!

My name is Joe Sumpter and I am VP of technology for Blue Crystal Web Design. I’m also actively involved in a number of startups and provide consulting services for a number of companies who are building innovative technology. In addition I manage a Wearable Technology Meetup group in the Atlanta area.

As a consultant for non profits and small businesses in STEM education, I have been experimenting with prototyping with the Arduino and other micro-controllers. I came across the Ardusat Space Apps Challenge when investigating an idea for streaming security video across the world a couple of years ago, With the latest trends on Internet of Things and Wearables I’m really interested in using Ardusat sensors with my clients, prototypes and kids to experiment.

Anyway glad to meet everyone and can’t wait to explore the power of Ardusat with you!



Welcome Joe! Sounds like cool projects you’re working on.



My name is Kevin Reeve, and I am a volunteer mentor with Cache Makers, a club and makerspace for kids. I have been working with a group of girls ages 11+ with the ardusat space kits. We launched our experiments on a high altitude balloon in October and reached 115k feet. Girls had a blast. Looking forward to learning and sharing with all of you.


Regards Ardusat Community!

I am Álvaro Hidalgo Romera, most commonly known as Capi, I am a physics student from the Universidad De Granada, Spain, but currently I find myself in Kaiserslautern, Germany. Currently I am working as HiWi in the Arbeit Groups of Artur Widera in the TU Kaiserslautern. In this job I discovered the world of Arduino. For my Bachelor Thesis I am building an Altimeter, for a model rocket, with the project GranaSat.
I discovered Ardusat by chance, while I was taking a look in Linkedin.
I realized soon that I could develop my project and share here my progress, I look for another challenges in this area in the future.


Welcome Capi! We’re glad you found us and look forward to updates about your project.


Hi All,
My name is Carlo Diminico and I am interested in the range of different projects that Ardusat offers for my kids, aged 8 and 11. I want them to start getting hand on with technology with a particular interest in both space and applied physics. I am interested in working on a high altitude ballooning project with them. I am confident we are going to buy the Ardusat Space Kit to start off. Can anyone point me in the right direction in terms of ground work and reasonable expectations. I aim for both of them to get science fair experience and projects. Thanks for any advice in advance.


Hi Carlo! Welcome to the Ardusat Community!

I’d recommend getting a space kit, then having them go through the Getting Started Guide ( After they get some of the basics down I’d have them pick a few missions and experiments they are interested in trying and working through them with your kids. We have had kids use some of our experiments as science fair projects. The most popular one I’ve heard of is using the “Zombie Detector” mission.



Hello Carlo, Welcome. Regarding high altitude balloons, we have worked with several groups that use our sensors to run experiments on their balloon payloads. Here is a fun video put together by one of our customers Cache Valley Makers:
Here is a writeup in our Experiment Platform: