How high is too high for the Egg Drop experiment?

In the Egg Drop Experiment, how high could I drop the sensor from?


There are two main safety concerns when conducting an Egg Drop experiment:

  1. The personal safety of the individual dropping the packages.
  2. The integrity of the electronics themselves.

Never drop the packages from an unstable structure. Trying to concentrate on your balance and conducting the experiment is a recipe for disaster. Always follow the recommended guidelines for using equipment such as ladders or hydraulic lifts.

Always have permission.

If you’re dropping from a balcony, make sure there’s no entryway below you where people could sneak out and get hit during the experiment. If you have to, post someone at the entrance so they can direct traffic away from the falling items.

Place the electronics into it’s own protective case and then use that to place into the egg drop container. It is a layer of protection which could skew the data but it shouldn’t be an issue because all of the drops will be working from the same baseline.

If you do the drop with the electronics and egg at the same time, make sure the electronics are sealed in an airtight bag. Zip seal sandwich bags work great.

So how high is too high? Considering everything above and local laws, too high is when you become uncomfortable. If you’re using real eggs, there will be a point at which all the eggs will break regardless of the packing material. Exceeding that height will only cause unhappy participants.

So stay safe, don’t hurt anyone or anything, and have fun!

We’d love to see videos and data from your drop. Feel free to reply to this thread or start your own to share your experience.

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