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Hi there,

is it possible to run the sample code directly from Arduino IDE?

The board manager doesn’t seem to have “space board” or “ardusat” as an option.
I just need to run a bit more complex code so doing it from a browser isn’t feasible anymore after getting started.



Hello Derek,
Yes, you can flash/program your demosat with Arduini IDE. The board / microcomtroller to select is a Arduino UNO . You will need to load the Ardusat SDK library into the IDE so that your code has access to the sensor board (space board) functions. Here is the library:



Hi there,

I have a question about the powerboost 1000 in the Demosat. I’m curious if there are any sample code about retrieving info, for building power profile.
The sensors work great right now, and I want to see if I can build simple analysis tools to list power usage per component, or per command.



Hello Derek,
Glad to hear your sensors are working great for you!

I really like your question regarding investigating the power profile. The Powerboost does not have any features to support this. Here is powerboost guide from Adafruit:

You may want to look into integrating a low cost Current Sensor Breakout like this:


Thanks for your reply. :slight_smile:

Sounds good. I will check out current sensor breakout.



Hi there,

It’s been working for several months, that my demosat has been great just plug-and-play on this experiment:

but starting last week, trying on different demosat, different PC, we are not see data on the page:

note, we always upload the demo code on that page to the demosat first before viewing data.



Hello Derek,
Glad you are taking the DemoSat programing to the next level!

I think you have encountered a new issue with the compatibility of the latest version of Chrome and our extension. We have a new Serial Agent Application that you can download and install here:

Please let me know if you have any issues with this install or any other questions.
Thank you


thanks very much! it worked.



how can i configure the two xbees and where will I get to see my data?
Thanks in advance


Yes, the XBees are fully programmable. Here is a guide that shows how you can change the channels:

In order to see your data you will need to have the XBee receiver plugged into computer and the other XBee transmitting data using a program like ( You can then startup the data visualization with “Commect to Arduino” button.


Thanks a lot.
That was fun.
Can I add another device like a small camera with my demosat. If yes, how can I do so?


DemoSat has 3.7v 4400 mAh battery and fun charger and booster 5V 1A ( You can integrate the camera of choice and power from this DemoSat power system.


but the problem is in my demosat there came no extra breadboard or pins for extra attachments


Some older versions of the demosat did have a small bread board on the top next to sensors but the latest version has the sensor centered on top and does not allow spacing for breadboard. On the main PCB center tray of the demosat you will find some labeled through holes that mirror the arduino’s pins. You can tie into these to extend features of the There are also some mounting holes on two sides of cubes at frame that are good points to attach integrated systems.



I got some trouble when I click RUN ON ADUINO.
The bar is going forward but stop immediately as is shown below.

Could you please tell me how to figure this out?
I am using lastest version of Google chrome browser and set the serial port as COM 6

Thank you.



Thank you for the details regarding the issue, very helpful.
Question, when you selected serial ports were there any others than COM 6? Just making sure we have the port that is connected to the arduino/seeeduino. If you do by chance have many COM ports you can list them all and then disconnect the Arduino to see which one disappears from the list.
Let me know how this turns out. You can contact me directly
Thank you