Blink Experiment #2073


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I can’t get any of my other lights to light up. When I put in the original bulb it lights. I tried two other bulbs and neither lit up. Help!


Hi Adeena! Have you paid special attention to the long LED leg and the short LED leg–with LED’s position is important. Try rotating the LED 180 degrees and see if you can get it to light up. If that doesn’t work, shoot me an email at and we can troubleshoot together!

Also, all that is required for AstroSchool is completing the Getting Started/Quickstart guide and the Hello World experiment–Blink is not required, but is a fun first or second experiment for students to try!


This was a super fun experiment and I can see my 8th grade students completing this.


This was fun! I tried this with one 8th grader and we initially were frustrated because we couldn’t get it to blink but in the end we were successful and even got ten lights to blink in a pattern. My students would be able to do this with minimal help from me. They may get a little frustrated - they do not have much experience with resistors or circuits, but the directions (and pictures) are incredibly easy to follow.