Become a founding member (Free T-shirt)

I’ll bet you’re wondering how to get one of our fashionable, comfy, and oh so cool t-shirts.

Here’s what you do:

Go to the Introduce Yourself thread in the Sharing is Caring category and … introduce yourself! Tell us a little about yourself, what your interest is in STEM and/or space, what you teach (if you’re a teacher), and MOST IMPORTANTLY how you discovered the community site. Then, ask your colleagues to participate on the site. Once 2 people post that you were the person who invited them to the site, an Ardusat T-shirt will be carefully packed, sealed in an envelope, and rushed to your door by a flying cubesat with advanced propulsion and locating systems… or in the mail, whichever one is available at the time.

Here are some helpful tips to consider when coping with your new-found celebrity when wearing your shirt around town.

1 - Pace yourself when singing autographs.
Carpal tunnels is a serious issue. Every ten minutes or so, do a series of stretching exercises. Suggest to the gathered crowd that they talk amongst themselves about what they should get you for your birthday during the break.

2 - Avoid crowded areas.
The commotion you’ll cause could pose a danger to the fans running towards you desperate for you to acknowledge their existence.

3 - Don’t just go with any agent.
Be picky and find the person who you get along with. The late-night talk shows will be clamoring for you to appear and boost their ratings.

Follow these tips and you’ll shoulder the responsibility of an Ardusat shirt with class and dignity!

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