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Welcome to AstroSchool Spring 2022! We are thrilled to have you as part of the cohort. Take a minute and introduce yourself:

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What are you passionate about?
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Lindsey Henderson - Salt Lake City, Utah
AstroSchool Spring 2022 Facilitator
By day, I am the Secondary Mathematics Specialist for the Utah State Board of Education which is a perfect match for my 15 years of secondary mathematics teaching experience and my love of policy and board rule. I am so excited to be facilitating this cohort of AstroSchool!



Hello! I’m Ingrid Moon, a high school Science (Biology mostly) and CTE Engineering teacher, Computer Science teacher, etc. at Santa Clarita Valley International Charter School in Castaic, CA (near Six Flags Magic Mountain).

I’ve been teaching for 8 years after a long corporate life in tech, marketing, and gaming. I have done a few DreamUp projects as well as used Because Learning tools in class, and want to do so much more with this.

I’m passionate about our living world, and how science and engineering and computer science can be used to enhance and heal our world. I am a wildlife rehabilitator (mostly squirrels) and I am currently helping to raise 12 mini piglets, one of whom is blind. The pig in the picture is Kevin Bacon (I did not name him) who is super sweet and not one of the piglets. (The property has become a pig sanctuary.) I also love mountaineering, I am a casual crossfitter (have competed internationally), and the world’s laziest athlete.

I am on Facebook, LinkedIn (/in/ingridmoon) but not really the others.


Hiya! Kathleen Fredette in So Cal, specifically the Antelope Valley–one of the aerospace valleys. :O)

Married 36 years, the mom of 4 amazing sons (all up and out!) My BA is Biblical Studies + Communications, Masters in STEM curric + design via NASA Endeavor project. I’m a freak about self-care–esp biohacking. I love succulents, scuba, and flying–gliders, which are aircraft without an engine.

I taught grades 2/3, with a focus on gifted and at-risk kids; then moved to middle school for another chunk of time prior to my position now as the Director of STEAM Initiatives with iLEAD CA Charter Schools–I’m on year 7 here and I’m grateful and blessed to have the opportunities to develop amazing opportunities for kids…like sending stuff to space and flying in gliders. The projects I’m associated with tend in the aerospace arena, though I/we are beta testing a super coolio Mycology project at one of our high schools right now.
FB: Kathleen Fredette
IG: @kathdette
Linked: Kathleen Fredette


Hello! I’m Brooke Paul. I’m an educator in a Title 1 school in Pasco, WA. I have a BA in Secondary Science with a minor in Geology, and a MEd in Instruction Design. This is my 10th year teaching sophomore biology. I’m always looking for new and innovative things to add to our curriculum to bring real world into the classroom to make it more relevant and easily accessible for our students! This year we more fully implemented eco columns over the course of a trimester, and the students loved it!

Outside of school my passions are my family (my husband and I have 2 little boys who are 2 and 5 years old), and sewing. My 5 year old loves doing experiments with me and is always asking for an activity to do! In my “me time” I have taught myself to sew and make quite a few pieces of clothing for my kids, including an astronaut costume last Halloween! (Pic of my astronaut cutie because he’s too cute not to share!)Kai%20astronaut




I’m Jen Jones from the Ogden, Utah area. I have the distinction of having taught computer science to every grade from 1st to 9th. I currently teach 8th grade Astronomy and 9th grade Marketing classes part time and I also work part time as a STEM coordinator and administrative assistant for Quest Academy Charter School in West Haven, Utah.

I’m passionate about STEM and space. I’m a Solar System Ambassador and Space Station Ambassador for NASA, a Space Foundations International Teacher Liaison Officer, a Computer Science Teachers Association Teaching Excellence Award winner, and have been trained in GeoMaker Space by National Geographic.

I’m also passionate about breaking down the barriers between subjects and helping students and teachers realize that separate subject areas don’t exist in the real world.

I’m on Facebook as @jenthejones, on Twitter as @Jennife68286906 and on Instagram @questacademyjrhigh, and on LinkedIn as jenthejones, though I mostly lurk (in a good way) as I don’t have time to post much.

I’ve been using Because Learning in my classes on and off since 2019 and am excited for a refresher and to learn about what is new.


imageHi Everybody,
My name is Sally Rudakoff and I am in snowy St. Albert, Alberta, Canada! I am an Assistant Principal of a K-3 elementary school. I started my journey with incorporating a Makerspace in my junior high classroom and a love of technology and it has taken me on this incredible journey! I have brought a STEAM program to our school and appreciate helping our youngest learners continue to develop a curious mind and a love of Science and Math (amongst many other things!). I also work for our provincial professional teachers association writing and presenting on Makerspaces, Computer Coding, and Technology in the classroom. My M. Ed was in Leadership and School Improvement with a focus on supporting teachers with technology integration.
We have two puppies and enjoy exploring our amazing green spaces in and around our city. I take tennis lessons to remind myself what it is like to be a learner and hopefully someday I will be good at tennis! I’m looking forward to this exciting opportunity. My twitter handle is @SRudakoff



Hi! I’m Megan Jacobs, STEAM/ MakerSpace & math intervention teacher at a darling PreK-8 in rural Connecticut… and newly minted Professor of Education at Framingham State University! (Home of Christa McAuliffe!)

I’m incredibly passionate about STEAM education, especially experiential learning in science and coding. I started teaching 5th grade in my hometown in 2011, and decided to branch wayyy out to teach English, Math and Science to second graders in Abu Dhabi in 2014. The language barrier really reinforced my belief in the ‘universal language’ of student inquiry, and I leaned into STEM in my next role when we returned to the United States. The birth of my beautiful boy shifted me into a part-time role founding a MakerSpace in a K-3 building. It was the first time I was invited to focus solely on STEAM, and it was electrifying. I founded a Professional Learning Community to support others who were in this burgeoning field, and traveled as a STEAM advocate to help other districts set up their programs. The birth of my second child landed me in this dream of a 3 day-a-week STEAM position in a really special setting, and I began as a visiting lecturer helping shape incoming teachers this past fall.

Pedagogically, what I treasure the most are teaching lower-income kids to code, and also designing hands-on learning opportunities that get little ones excited to ask about how the world works (and beyond!). Outside of school, I love marveling at the growth and curiosity of my own small ones: Kate who turns 2 in June, and Caleb, 4.5, who just started pre-k and comes home bursting with exciting things to tell me. I love art and culture, trying new food, gardening, running (not in the snow), traveling, and soaking up new PD opportunities!

I’m Megan Jacobs on Facebook, on Linkedin, mpmjacobs on insta & @luckyteacher143 on twitter (not very active on the last 2). I’m so excited to connect with phenomenal colleagues on this journey!


Hi! I’m Lauren Milord, and I’m based in Washington, DC.

I’m Director of Programs at DreamUp, and I’ve been here since 2017. Prior to that, I worked in community engagement for Boston Public Schools, and prior to that, I studied International Relations at Tufts University. I’m very passionate about bringing hands-on STEM education and space research opportunities to students worldwide, so I couldn’t be more excited to have brought Because Learning into the company and to support you and learn from you all as you participate in AstroSchool!

Outside of space & education, I’m an Irish step dancer, and I perform and compete from time to time. I’m also (relatively newly) into bike commuting and finding delicious vegan food wherever I go.

You can find me on LinkedIn at, and I’m behind all the DreamUp accounts as well (@dreamup_space on Instagram and Twitter and on Facebook).IMG_1749


Hi everyone! I am Jill Marconi, and I teach a STEM program for students in grades 4-8 at Poland Local Schools in Poland, OH. I was given the opportunity to develop our STEM Program after attending the Siemans STEM Academy at the Discovery Channel a few years back. My husband and I have one son and he is an actual rocket scientist! He has worked for SpaceX and currently works for Sierra Space. I want all of my students to have the chance to realize their dreams so I participate in as many professional development opportunities as I can. My students especially love building, working with robots, and 3D printing! Outside the classroom, my family loves traveling, especially to the national parks. We have visited all 50 states and are now returning to our favorites. I also love biking, hiking, reading, and I am currently learning to play to piano. I am very grateful for this opportunity to learn something new and to bring what I learn to my classroom!



I have a good friend who lives in Ogden and is a teacher. Her name is Shawna Blamires.

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Hi, I’m William Fee, and I’m the Lead Instructor at the STEMLab of the State Library of Pennsylvania in Harrisburg, PA. We do educational programming on all sciences and technology for Pre-K-12, though many of our programs end up in the grades 5-8 range.
Originally I was pre-Med, but took a weird left into the Humanities. Went on to get 3 Master’s degrees, including Library Science. Got old and came back to science
I am huge on epidemiology and microbiology, as well as using hands on science and technology opportunities to provide equity.
My Twitter is @WTBFee


I don’t know a Shawna Blamires. Too bad, that would have been a small world moment. Maybe I’ll meet her some day. LOL


Welcome AstroSchool Teachers! This should be fun!

I am an Officer in the Association of Space Explorers (ASE), the organization sponsoring and funding AstroSchool. ASE is composed of any person who has orbited Earth at least once. Our membership includes 400 astronauts from 37 countries. One of our Mission pillars is “to educate and inspire future generations” and this is why we support AstroSchool.

I am a physicist and flew on the Space Shuttle where I operated seven astronomy telescopes, two of which were built by my group at the Naval Research Laboratory. Later on, I became the Chief Scientist and Research Manager for the International Space Station until retirement.

I think you will find this short program valuable in building your confidence to teach STEM. After all, you are the amazing people on the front lines educating and inspiring future generations and we are counting on you. Have fun!

John-David Bartoe


Hello everyone, my name is Victoria Pike and I am located in Keswick, Ontario, Canada. I’m primarily a secondary science teacher. I teach senior chemistry and biology and grade 9 and 10 science courses. I’m also qualified to teach math and special education. We will have a new secondary science curriculum for grades 9 and 10 in Ontario for September 2022 and I’m really hoping to incorporating my learning from this course into new activities for that curriculum. Looking forward to learning a lot! I am still waiting to receive my kit to get started - hopefully it arrives soon!


Hi Everyone. I am Carlynn White from Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada. I have taught K-12 students but am currently assigned as a grade 3 generalist. STEM is our future and I look forward to learning more to share with a wide range of students. I am an aspiring school administrator and so I am building my tool kit to be an instructional leader in this area. I look forward to learning with you all. I am an alternate in the program and so I am also waiting to receive my kit to really get started. I hope you all have a great day.


Hi, everyone! I’m Kristi Fehr, a native of Lexington, Kentucky!

I’ve been teaching since 1994 after graduating with a B.S. in Montessori education and a M.Ed. In Montessori education from Xavier University in 2000. I discovered my true passion for teaching science while serving as a Montessori Lead Teacher in Kentucky and North Carolina elementary schools as I kept gravitating (pun intended) toward teaching hands-on science lessons. After I took a year off when I had my daughter, I decided to follow my true passion and have been a K-5 science/STEM teacher ever since! I am usually on a 6-day rotation with my 33 or so classes that I have each year. I’m just beginning my Rank 1 through a Continuing Education Option and hope to earn a STEM micro-credential in the process.

In the past 16 years, I have focused much of my energy on the intersection between STEM and the environment. I piloted the state’s first Trout in the Classroom to connect students’ understanding of indicator species and water quality. I partnered with a bio-systems engineer to install a multi-faceted and accessible outdoor classroom and a scientist to connect my students with a NASA solar eclipse balloon launch that would use sensors to monitor the atmosphere during the (near) total eclipse in 2017. I created Scientist and Engineers Empowering Kids (SEEK), an after school STEM club that brings in leaders to address local issues and topics of interest. I’m most excited about my inaugural year starting an after school electric car racing team. It has been a delight watching this team build a one-seat car as well as a website to raise sponsorship for the tools and equipment they need before the big race with other schools in May.

I’m excited to be part of this group as I can tell I have so much to learn from all of the experiences people have shared! You can reach me on Twitter at @sciencefehr.


Such an uplifting story!

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Hey Everyone. So great getting to read everyone’s story and see where everyone is coming from.

My name is Jason Lapenskie. I teach a Gr 5/6 class in Surrey, British Columbia. It’s considered an inner city school without many resources, so I’m trying to see if we can’t get some sort of STEM/Makerspace program going. My Masters degree is in Imaginative Education and I’m a thesis shy of my PhD in Curriculum Design.

Teaching came late for me. I started out in radio broadcasting and have made several career stops along the way. My BA is in English and Philosophy so…not in Science at all. In fact, I’d say Science is one of the weaker subjects for me. With any luck, and with help from -waves hand- all of you, it will be less so by time we are all done. Looking forward to collaborating and soaking in the collective knowledge!


Hello I’m Sharon Marshall, Library Tech II and Technology Assist for Greystone Centennial Middle school (Gr.5-9) school from Spruce Grove, Alberta Canada. I have been working with students for over 30 years and love to learn and share the love of learning with the students.
I am not just a librarian as I’m passionate about STE(A)M, bringing creativity, problem solving to spark interest and increasing engagement with the students in our school. I try to incorporate STEAM with monthly activities during library class and I offer several clubs at lunch time including coding, green screen “Greystone News” among other fun activities. The librarians in my district get together every couple of months to share what we have been doing and encourage each other to learn/teach new activities.
Outside of school, I am a grandmother and love to spend my time with the grandchildren filled with activities and fun. I love to travel but most of the travel is to Australia now that my daughter lives there with her family.