AstroSchool Cohort Winter 2019


Hi Leslie–I’m excited to share your love of aerospace!


Welcome, Patty–I love the relevant and engaging problems angle as well!


Welcome Kathy! I <3 the Science Scope!!!


Welcome Mary–I’m so happy to have another math/science person in the cohort!


Hi Darin! I’m so excited to have a fellow Utahan represented in AstroSchool!


Hi Julie, I love the warmth and caring for your students that comes through in your description! Welcome to AstroSchool!


Hi Ed! YAY for Granite School District–I taught in SLCSD for 15 years so we’re practically BFF’s by association! Welcome to AstroSchool!


Hi Michio! It’s so nice to see you again in AstroSchool–I love how your short description is brimming with the engineering process and growth mindset! Welcome!


1.What is your name where are you located? Celeste Conflitti
2.What is your background? 29 years of education --all sciences you name it I taught it!! Now Engineering Pathway teacher
3.What, where, and who do you teach? Eastwood Academy High School, Houston Texas
Scientific Research & Design
Engineering Design & problem Solving
Engineering Design & presentation I
Juniors and Seniors
4.What are you passionate about? Teaching !! Students achieving their dreams
5.Do you have social media accounts that you’d be willing to share so others from the cohort may connect with you (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook)?
6.Upload a picture of yourself (optional but recommended


My name is Jen Gossert and I teach in Womelsdorf, PA.
I have been teaching for over 15 years. It is my second career.
I currently teach a STEAM class (K-4) that we call Innovations and I am the support teacher for our gifted students - K-4
I am most passionate about STEM/STEAM. My first ten years of teaching I was the computer technology teacher and loved working with students using all forms of technology. It is here I learned more about coding and the opportunities it can offer our children.
I have a twitter account @jgossert I am on Facebook Jen Gossert. I haven’t really done much on Instagram but I do have an account there and on SnapChat.


Hello all, my name is Rebekah Koppin. I am located in Santa Rosa County Florida. I’ve been teaching for 14 years. I have taught multiple grade levels and have been trained as a STEAM teacher for our district. I currently teach fourth grade and love it!! I am very passionate about all areas of STEAM especially science and technology. I’m excited to be a part of this group and learn more.


Hello. I am Michele Vocu. I live and work in Fort Myers, Florida. I am originally from Illinois, where I began my teaching career before relocating to Florida. This is my 18th year teaching science. 14 years have been at Bishop Verot Catholic High School in southwest Florida, where I currently teach physics and biology. My family and friends are most important to me. I enjoy learning, and hope that my excitement will inspire my students to explore and investigate the world they live in.


Hi my name is Claudia Ochatt, and I teach at Ransom Everglades, an independent centennial private high school in Coconut Grove, one of Miami’s historic neighborhoods.
My PhD is in biochemistry and did 20 years of research in mol bio of Trypansomatids. After that I went into university administration, and for the last 12 years I have taught at high school level to be able to raise my daughters.
I teach AP Bio, Forensic Chemistry and Anatomy and Physiology, and I am the adviser to our Science NHS chapter. I run the biology competitions club and multiple science booths during school events. I try and help my students obtain internships at laboratories at local universities and volunteering positions at hospitals.
My passions span from playing classical guitar and building amateur radios, to gardening at home and sailing or boating on Biscayne Bay. I love spending time with family and friends and volunteer for my school events in robotics and athletic competitions. I do yoga and swimming with my friends, and walk Coral Gables with my partner. Among the two of us we have 2 sons and two daughters, the youngest one is a high school senior. The oldest boy graduated with a business degree and works, the youngest boy and oldest girl are in college - one in communications and the other in aerospace engineering, and the youngest girl is going into phsyics and/or engineering. The 3 cats complete the crew.
I am happy to be participating in this project.


Hi everyone! My name is Jaime, and I’m located in Northern Utah. I currently work as the middle school science teacher at a charter school for children with Autism. I got involved in Education after working as a para for 4 years and am thrilled to have ditched the Psychology realm for education.

I am passionate about my service dog, Murphy, music, and graphic design. Most of my classroom is a reflection of my need to be creative :slight_smile:

If you’re interested, my instagram account is @sunshine_and_science


Hello everyone! My name is Ana Harvey. I live and teach in Santa Ana, California (just down the freeway from Disneyland!). This year will be my 20th year of teaching. I have taught every grade (K-6) and am currently teaching a 5th grade dual language class (English & Spanish) in Southern California. My greatest passion is helping my students gain new perspectives and showing them all the things they are capable of achieving. My students are well aware of all the negative things around them (poverty, crime, drugs, fear) and I work hard for them to see a positive future for themselves. I want science to be another avenue of success for them.
Thank you for this awesome opportunity for me and my students to learn and grow! I am excited about learning from each of you all as well!


Hi Everyone! I’m a little late, but greetings to all. My name is Daleth Sendin and I teach at Centennial High in Howard County, MD. My focus classes are PLTW Engineering courses although I also teach a general education technology course which is a state graduation requirement. I’ve been in education for about 15 years although I previously was in business and industry. One of the best parts about teaching STEM is that you get to play along with the students and in Maryland I’ve had opportunities to work directly with NASA, Northrup-Grumman, APL and Lockheed-Martin. STE(A)M rules!


Welcome to AstroSchool Celeste!


Welcome Jen! I’m excited to get your gifted angle represented in AstroSchool!


Hi Rebekah! Oh how I’m envious of Florida weather right now!


Hi Michele! Welcome to AstroSchool! I’m so excited for the physics-biology crossover!