AstroSchool Cohort 2018


Hi! I am headed to Space Camp this summer! I’m excited and a little nervous, but I can’t wait!


Hi Kim! Welcome to AstroSchool! I’m so excited to be collaborating!


Hello Everyone, My name is Jill Weaver and I live in Kettering, Ohio.
I am finishing my 15th year teaching. I am a mother of 5 and a Grandma to 5 and by the end of this year 7!
I love kids, animals, journaling and science of course.
I teach 8th grade science at Valley View Junior High. We are a very small rural community school.
I am passionate about hand-on learning and am in year three of changing my instructional methods to PBL. I will also be taking a PBL course from Buck Institute this summer. I love hiking and am traveling to the Canadian Rockies in July.
jillsciteach (instagram)


Welcome Jill! I’m excited to collaborate!


I was so nervous about the simulated helicopter crash/drowning, but it was nothing to be worried about. We had extra time and people could choose to go a second time and I went again! I knew I would enjoy Space Camp but I had no idea I would love it as much as I did. I hope you have an awesome experience!


Hello! My name is Amanda and I am in Southern Oregon in a tiny town called Eagle Point.

I studied biology/ecology in college, worked in marine biology for a while then decided to get into teaching.

I teach oceanography and freshman science to the most wonderful kids here in Eagle Point.

I am passionate about good burritos and Star Wars.

I’m on Twitter…@MsElliott42


Hi Amanda! Thank you for posting, I’m excited to be collaborating!


Hello, My name is Lori Reich I am a teacher at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL. I have been teaching for 5 years, and I am currently teaching Biology (9th and 10th grades), however, we are introducing a new STEM class next year in which I will be helping facilitate this new subject. I graduated from FAU with a BS in Biology Education and worked in publishing for a little over a year, then came to teaching. I have been mainly a Biology teacher but have also taught, chemistry, anatomy, and earth space. I am a mother of a 2 year old girl who is the light of my life and makes everything better after a sometimes hectic but overall rewarding day at work.


Hi Lori! Welcome to AstroSchool! I am excited to capitalize on your Biology knowledge!


What is your name where are you located? Angela Ashley and Weston, FL
What is your background? I have a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Tennessee. I marched in the Pride of the Southland band and Payton Manning was my college quarterback. I used to work in Nuclear Power before becoming a high school teacher.
What, where, and who do you teach? I teach Physics and Robotics at Cypress Bay High school in Weston, Fl. I have 9th-12th graders but mostly 11 and 12th.
What are you passionate about? I love teaching hands on STEM classes. I try to add as many experiments and labs as possible. I love the openness of a robotics and watching the students make these amazing machines. We compete in FTC, VEX, SKillsUSA, and SeaPerch robotics.
Do you have social media accounts that you’d be willing to share so others from the cohort may connect with you (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook)? Facebook: Angela Galphin (under my old name to make it hard for my students to find me)


I went to Space Camp many times as a youth. I want to go back as an adult!


Welcome Angela! I am excited to have you as part of AstroSchool!


We have two students chosen to got to space camp this summer. Unfortunately I don’t get to go, the science teacher gets to go instead…yes…I’m a little jealous.