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AstroSchool FAQ–weekly reminder emails will be sent out every Sunday morning.

Q: Where is the landing page for AstroSchool Winter 2019?
A: https://ehub.ardusat.com/experiments/5465

Q: Can I work ahead?
A: Absolutely!

Q: What extra supplies do I need to complete AstroSchool?
A: Week #1: No additional supplies
Week #2: 2-3 containers of sunscreen and plastic wrap
Week #3: Aluminum foil, plastic wrap, pizza box or small cardboard box, and tape.
Week #4: 3-4 rare earth magnets, playdough, stick or skewer, screw, and string.

Q: Do I need to answer the questions in the experiment in order to earn credit.
A: No, this is not necessary. The questions are designed for your students to use when they participate in the experiment. In order to earn credit, you need to scroll to the bottom of each experiment you complete and click on “Community Discussion”

Reflect on the experiment using the following questions as a guide:

  1. Where does this lesson fit in with your curriculum (if the lesson is not a fit for the class you teach, how could the lesson be modified so that it is applicable to your curriculum)?
  2. Which part or parts of the lesson would your students need extra support in order to be successful?
  3. If you were to teach this lesson to your class, describe your role during the class. What does a successful teacher actively do during this lesson?
  4. If you were to teach this lesson to your class, describe your student’s role during the class. What does “student success” look like?
  5. Leave a comment on another AstroSchool participant’s reflection.

Q: I am having trouble and I need assistance, how do I get help?
A: email: lindsey@becauselearning.com or kevin@becauselearning.com